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Cairns Pool Safety Inspections

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in Queensland for children under the age of five years old. Supervising young children, teaching them to swim and having effective pool fencing can save lives. This is why the Queensland pool safety laws were introduced.

The legislation introduced in 2010 states From 1 December 2015, it is mandatory that all pools on properties where there is a house, townhouse unit, motel, backpacker hostel or caravan park, in Queensland (including spas and portable pools), must comply with the pool safety standard.

What classes as a swimming pool?

A swimming pool is defined as an above or belowground structure principally used for swimming or bathing, including some models of portable pools and spas.

If your small inflatable pool can hold more than 300mm of water, QLD law requires it to be surrounded by a child-proof compliant barrier.

The laws affect new and existing pools and hope to reduce the incidences of drowning and serious immersion injuries involving young children in swimming pools.


Source: National Drowning Report 2013, Royal Life Saving Society – Australia. Instances of drowning deaths of children of 0-4 years of age by place, 2012/2013, 10 year average.

The graph illustrates that swimming pools continue to account for the largest proportion of drowning deaths in children between the ages of 0-4. Swimming pools represent 61% of all drowning deaths within this age group and 56% in children aged 5-14 years old.

Don’t let a member of your family become a statistic.

Is your swimming pool a safe place for your child? Is your pool compliant with the latest laws and regulations? Do your pool barriers, gates and fences conform to the latest legislation? Compliant pool barriers help save lives by preventing young children from accessing swimming pools.

Protect your family by following the ‘ABC of pool safety’ — Always supervise children near a pool, Begin swimming lessons for your children, and Close the pool gate and keep your fence maintained (Queensland Pool Safety Laws, Department of Housing and Public Works)

Pool Safety Inspections

Our local swimming pool inspectors offer qualified and professional pool safety inspections. For the well-being of your travelling friends, family and guests, and your peace of mind, we can ensure that your pool meets pool safety standards.

Our pool safety inspectors will carry out an inspection of the pool and fence area to ensure that this complies with QLD standards. If the pool is compliant a pool safety certificate will be issued. If not a non-conformity notice will be issued outlining the areas of concern and what needs to be undertaken in order to make the pool compliant. Once repairs have been undertaken our inspector will re inspect and issue your pool safety certificate.

Our service includes

  • Initial pool safety inspections
  • Issue of non-conformity notices
  • Re-inspection (if required)
  • Issuing of pool safety certificates Form 23

We have two offices, one based in Mowbray for the Douglas Shire Region (Port Douglas Pool Inspection) and  one in Stratford for the Cairns Region ( all building, pool and pest)

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A team you can trust!
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A single price service, addressing all areas of your pool safety and compliance. Initial inspection of the pool and its surrounding areas, alongside any required non-conformity notices
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Subsequent re-inspection (if required) free of charge, to ensure the issue is addressed and the pool is now compliant
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Your Pool Safety Inspection Certificate
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Registration of your pool with the relevant council (at no extra cost)
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Registration of your pool with the relevant council (at no extra cost)
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Simple pool safety checks that you can do at home before our inspector arrives (LINK).
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